About Us

Artists Walk Theatre is a new 501 (c)3 non-profit, professional theater company in the South suburbs of Chicago.  We are currently preparing for our next theater production "The Fantastiks" opening August 2016.

About Artists Walk Theatre
After the closing of the only professional theater company in the South suburbs of Chicago, a group organized Artists Walk Theatre in mid-2012 to ensure professional theater does not disappear from the area.  Artists Walk Theatre received our tax-exempt status in January of 2013.
The mission of Artists Walk Theatre is:  to produce quality professional theater (the finest contemporary plays/musicals and classics); to entertain and educate audiences; and to provide an excellent artistic experience.  Artists Walk Theatre is dedicated to bringing professional theater back to the Southland, to enhancing the performing arts, to encouraging a diverse audience that seeks quality productions, to teaching aspiring artists, and to promoting the art of theater in comedy, tragedy and music.  We plan to place special consideration on the cultural diversity of the south suburbs of Chicago and to ensure our theater company is a place of inclusion and respect.  Artists Walk Theatre plans to offer children’s theater, musicals, ethnic plays/musicals , and non-musical comedies and dramas.  We plan to perform five to six different productions per year when our company is fully operational.
Artists Walk Theatre will perform our inaugural production at Flossmoor Community House.  We have chosen the Pulitzer Prize/Tony Award-winning play, Lost in Yonkers, by one of the most popular playwrights of the Twentieth Century, Neil Simon.

Why We Are Here
Theater enriches the lives of both the individuals who take an active part in the production and the individuals in the community who attend the productions.  Research has shown arts and cultural activities like theater provide economic, social, and health benefits to both individuals and the community.  Arts and cultural activities like theater benefit individuals in several ways, including increasing opportunities for self-expression and enjoyment, building interpersonal ties and improving one’s sense of belonging or attachment to the community, promoting volunteering and community involvement, and relieving stress. Artists Walk Theatre is the only professional theater company in the south suburban Chicago area.  We are planning ten performances over two weekends beginning September 17.  Our main goal is to provide the community with easy access to professional, high-quality theater. Because we are a new organization, we are seeking support from the community for our first play.  By supporting our organization and our inaugural production, our community will be helping to ensure live, professional theater is available in the south Chicago suburbs.  Artists Walk Theatre intends to fund future productions through ticket and program ad sales as well as contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations.  Non-profit theater is, of course, never completely self-supporting. Promoting the economic health of the community by increasing the attractiveness of the area to businesses and investments

In addition, arts and culture activities benefit the community as a whole, including:
Building community identity and pride, leading to positive community norms such as diversity, tolerance, and free expression
Promoting cultural diversity and bringing people together who might not otherwise come into contact with each other
Reducing crime and delinquency
Improving a community’s image and status, as well as increasing the likelihood of community revitalization

We are committed to producing quality professional theater to entertain and educate audiences and to provide an excellent artistic experience.  We hope the community will partner with us to achieve this goal by supporting our inaugural production.

Board of Directors – Artists Walk Theatre

David Boettcher, Andy Leahy, Barbara Moore, Patrick Murray, Jean Roberts, Megan Tipton, Gary Murphy, Lisa Wansley